The HR platform created for your industry

Manage hiring across multiple food and hospitality locations easily. See recent recruiting activity within your organization, onboard new employees digitally, create actionable reports and more. Set tiered-access permissions based on responsibility.
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Restaurant hiring tool

Scalable, Paperless Recruiting & Hiring

Applications are instantly stored in your WyckWyre system for easy access now or later. Log in to see how positions are performing, where current applicants stand in the hiring process and more. View by multiple locations, single location or by position.
Restaurant hiring tool

Real-Time Communication

Communicate within your hiring tool

Communicate quickly with applicants by using pre-set emails to schedule interviews, initiate automatic reference checks, hire, reject and more.

Connect internally with your team to ensure no rockstar applicant goes unseen.

Create system announcements to distribute major pieces of HR information across your company in a secure environment.

Save and track all internal and external communication through the system, ensuring no important information is missed.

Robust Reporting

HR reporting

Increase your HR ROI

Actionable data provides you with a great amount of information in easy-to-understand reports.

Customizable Reports

Get the data you need, the way you need it. Deploy pre-set reports or create your own to deliver information you can use to build your business.

Delivered directly to your inbox

Never forget to run a report again. Your custom report(s) delivered directly to your inbox on the days you need it.