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The simple, affordable restaurant hiring tool.

Better qualified applicants, more organization, less risk.

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Attract and hire top-notch employees in 1, 2, 3

Post a position from your custom-built job library.

Work with your dedicated Customer Success Specialist to create a complete job library with all your company positions from entry-level to top-level management. When the time comes, getting a job up on your custom WyckWyre job board is as simple as a few clicks.

Get the word out without lifting a finger.

WyckWyre instantly sends your live positions to thousands of job boards, including,, paid Craigslist areas, and many, many more.

Pre-screen applicants based on your company's success factors.

One size doesn't fit all. Work with your Customer Success Specialist to create pre-screening that is as unique as your company, your culture, and your open position. Pre-screen based on hard skills, soft skills, engagement levels, personality, communication skills and more. Put applications through a complete Virtual Interview to receive full answers that go beyond just yes/no or agree/disagree.

Key Benefits

Turnover Reduction

Higher-quality workers means a better work environment with less turnover

Opportunity Cost Savings

Pass on non-qualified applicants before wasting time on an interview

All-In-One Recruiting

Pre-screen both hourly and management applications and store all applicants in one system.

Unlimited Consulting

The Customer Success Department tracks postings' traffic, site usage and more.

One-Stop Advertising

Job postings are automatically advertised on major U.S. job boards

Tiered Access

Allow unlimited amount of users to gain access and easily set permissions for user capabilities.

What's the best part?

  • "I love WyckWyre because it allows me to track all of my restaurants' hiring trends and processes from one central location. The system has provided a clearer picture of the applicants, so I know who deserves an in-person interview based on qualifications and skills. Also, with the click of a button I can instantaneous communication with any and all applicants"



    Chris Lane, District Manager

  • "WyckWyre's hiring tool is sharp and the entire company is filled with extraordinary employees. I have never met more professional, caring, understanding, consistent and quick people before."


    CUPS Frozen Yogurt

    Judy Calandriello, Franchise Owner

  • "If you are not recruiting a wide variety of people, you are limiting the amount of good hires. With WyckWyre, I have a much broader reach through their job post advertising. Also, you are able to review and eliminate in one system, which helps save time by quickly eliminating folks that aren't qualified."

    Krispy Kreme

    Krispy Kreme

    Mark Miller, Franchise Owner

  • "WyckWyre has made my life a whole lot easier. The customer service aspect is wonderful. If we need a more detailed feature in our hiring system, or don't have something that will help us specifically, they are able to create a solution for it."


    Chili's Grill & Bar

    Rhonda Knight, Management Recruiter

  • "My Customer Success Specialist is so prompt, and WyckWyre's hiring system is very easy to use. If you're not using WyckWyre, there are great candidates you're missing out on that WyckWyre can find and pre-screen for you. Also, I hire for multiple concepts and multiple locations, so it helps me keep track of job postings, applicants and where they are in the hiring process."

    Golden Corral

    Golden Corral

    Mandy Rion, Recruiter

  • "WyckWyre has saved us so much time with their pre-screening, that now we have more time to work on the business instead of spending time interviewing ill-qualified candidates. And it's as easy to use as Facebook! Before WyckWyre, we had a massive interview process - it would take weeks."


    Arooga's Bar & Grille

    Kate Masterson, HR

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